First API to an eGauge unit

After we made sure our unit is available to the internet,

On each eGauge unit there is a printed number of at least 5 digits long. this is the units identification on all API calls. 

If we like to receive the instantaneous data that the unit currently senses, we can write down in any browser this line (replace the ##### with the nunber of Your unit):

a normal reply from a unit could show up like:

<data serial="0x########"> (# is usually an 8 hex identification)
<ts>1555256385</ts> (time in ms since 1970)

Now the data shows in rows, titles, numbering and values:

<r t="I" n="i1">

for a row title "I1" with a cumulative value of 444  

<r t="P" n="main_sport">

for a row title "P" (power) of "main_sport" (the name You define in the eGauge installation preferences) we see in this example a cumulative amount of 555