Live example of a dashboard for school management

Example: A live smart analytic dashboard for consumptions in a small school  

Showing a graph or some gauges is quite simple, but focusing the users to know where is the potential of saving the most energy makes the dashboard push the functionalities of the user experience to the next level.

Link to Bartov school live energy dashboard

Bartov school has shown 14% decrease in electric consumption since a simple change in dashboard design has been introduced and gone public. 

It shows that when the data is public and can be understood by non-engineers, There can be substantial energy savings. 

There are 3 things that make this dashboard system work as an assistance to energy saving:

1. The data is public and the public knows how, when and where to access it easily. When the data of live consumption is public, there is also the psychological effect of "Big Brother" that plays a role. People will try to shut the lights and Air conditioner when they are away because people can see they have forgotten.

2. Each gauge has 3 settings: 

  • Green: suitable for ambient or not active area consumption
  • Orange: when an area is active, it should show in this appropriate span of consumption
  • Red: High consumption for area

At the end of the day, an area that is not "Green" pops up easily for the users.
These insights are not linear kW data, they are a function of each individual sensor's history and normal duty cycles. 

3. Persistent competition between each area on "who is the naughtiest"

Every couple of seconds, the server updates each and every energy sensor status and calculates who among them has the highest potential to save energy. in this scenario there is a main gauge and up to 2 "naughty" areas. if all areas are "not naughty", they will not show up. 

In this method, It focuses the users on up to 2 most energy expensive areas that have the highest potential to save energy. other graphs and dashboards might show You too much information and not gain the users this complex target.